It has been a year – a year after the fateful day when she disappeared, dropped from the face of the earth and he is left wondering if she ever existed outside his fevered imagination.

And when Arnav finds Khushi again, she does not know him. How does one apologize for the crimes that have been forgotten – forgotten but not forgiven…

Part 30: You’ve Got Mail
A Fanfiction

31 thoughts on “Unforgettable

  1. shafqee80 says:

    Whats up vann .why not updating

  2. farheen75 says:

    Its 21st today, still waiting the update, plz update soon.

  3. piyasahay says:

    Will b waitng fr ur update

  4. shafqee80 says:

    Oh woww …pooor arnav …..he is making khushi face her past wen she had no clue aboit it ..love to read more

  5. garash says:

    The story is beautifully written each emotion is penned down fabulously. Please update soon.

  6. I just came across this story… N omg this is fabulous … U write so amazingly … I’m glued to the story…. The feelings n emotions u describe… Is just so perfect …. Thank u do much for sharing this wonderful story… I’m still on chap 13… But will catch up to the latest chap soon… Heads off to u … N thanks for shAring once again!!

  7. mala says:

    pl update…Unforgettable is one of the best FF I have read so far! I feel that the serial had lot of unanswered questions which you ate filling up! Please continue & update soon. Stalking everyday for an update.

  8. zainza says:

    A few more days to go for chapter 29…….waiting eagerly 🙂

  9. zainza says:

    Time is up, dear 🙂

  10. rati123 says:

    This is sich a sweet story !!! I am loving their letters. As you have rightly said, Khushi has become more mature and Arnav has become more honest and also more attuned to his emotions . Lovely updates. Thanks !!

  11. raila1014 says:

    It was easier to comment and read ICHTW. What I like about your take on this is that all the characters are involved in this reawakening of KKGSR. I like that the snake is not in it as truly there is no redemption for him and no one would be able to move on with him still lurking about, so glad Kushi did the deed and killed him. It is also great that a whole year has passed as it gave Arnav a chance to realize everything he has done to her and come clean with the family, he got to stew in his misery without much attention. I guess him finding a broken Kushi is another reinforcement of how he has broken her even though this time it was via Shyam. He had to relive all his bad deeds twice but I am really sad to see this broken man. I am with Payal on this one. 2 individuals who have been so good at taking care of their family, ran a business and were pretty self sufficent could not communicate properly to each other and misdirected their emotions. When I think that misunderstanding or lack of communication was at the bottom of all of this, I just feel sad at the lost time and hurt that each went through. I am glad that they are communicating now and hopefully can ask and answer all the questions that are so important to each other. At some point, I was impatient with Kushi, I guess around the time when she forgave everyone but still avoided Arnav. I felt like La that maybe she needed to take that first step to open the communication and to not let him hang by a thread of hope. I guess I wanted her to come to some kind of decision instead of both being in a limbo. Very well written.

  12. lalpeeli says:

    it is already the 28th have been eagerly waiting for youe update since 24th as you promised

  13. javeria3991 says:

    Hey when you update part 31. Can’t wait to read it.

  14. k p says:

    continue sooon

  15. Hina69 says:

    Hey vann, i couldnt open the chapters on your blog.. Whats the matter?

    I wanna read the story again..Please help me:(

    PS. Can you PM me your reply on IF?

  16. Hina69 says:

    When are u going to update ICHTW?

    Its been soo long:(

  17. brain says:

    I loved reading this one. Both of their emotions are beautifully penned.

  18. sankadevi_lg says:

    I enjoyed it throughout. Nice one…

  19. mayabhi says:

    Unforgettable.. A really beautiful end to my fav show.. I wish they had done something like this..
    I like ur writing n hope to follow more of ur work..

  20. eternalallure says:

    Hey, I can’t seem to find ICHTW here anymore. I wanted to read it again. Have you removed it from here???

    • Vann says:

      Hi. Just saw your comment. ICHTW? Check out ‘don’t fall in love’ -a phone book release in April 2016. 🙂 will keep you updated!

  21. monsi08 says:

    I can’t believe I missed this ff … Wasn’t very active since IPK shut down but leaving this ff was a crime … Loved it to the bits .. the details of emotions of khushi and arnav .. their sufferings .. their regrets… And above all ..Their love .. and not to forget.. their well known stubbornness .. it was all so so well written and so good…
    Excellent work !!! 👍👌

  22. kshubhangi says:

    Lovely. I read this on IF. Now re-reading. It’s relaxing

  23. Jr says:

    Wonderful! Loved your story so much. Thnx for writing.

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