Let’s talk

about The Boy with The Bread.

Who else this week but Peeta Mellark, who redefines the notion of a hero. If Collins’ Katniss is a role model for girls, then Peeta is  definitely an ideal boyfriend. Not the usual macho, strong hero, but a hero who is  brave enough to know his shortcomings, secure enough  to know that the girl he likes is better than him, and yet he continues to love and support her without any feelings of envy or insecurity. 

The line ‘He bakes, I hunt.’  overturns the notions of gender in a  relationship. It is amazing to find it articulated so succintly and powerfully in a book for young adult’s.

While Katniss’ weapons are bow and arrow and her gritty determination, Peeta’s are his resilience against all odds, his capacity to lift unbearable weights and the icing used on cakes! Yet he is the strongest boy hero I have come across in the recent times.

And so I love the baker’s son…real, very real!!

And she manhandles him after this!!! Check out the romance between the Girl  on Fire and the Boy with the bread, catch the Fire this week!!!


Let’s talk

about Mr.Rochester

Okay, here is another favourite. Dear Mr. Rochestor flirting with Jane Eyre.

And Jane – what a strong  independent character…. I identified with ehr so much once.

And then postcolonial readings happened. Wide Sargasso Sea happened and Mr.Rochestor became a grey bluebeard like character.  But his portrayal by Toby Stevens is just perfect.

If  you can find the video where he pleads with Jane to stay back, you wuld know what defines ‘hot.’  Sadly we can’t see it on youtube. If anyone has the link, please share. It is called Rochestor’s plea to Jane.

Let’s talk romance….

Just  a little change from the usual updates. ‘Let’s talk romance’ can be a place were we can talk about all goes into making an interesting romance.    I invite you all to join in…with your favourite books, series, television shows and fictions.

Here are two scenes from my favourite book…turned into an equally fabulous television series. Jane Austen’s Pride  and Prejudice. and these are my favourite scenes.

Colin Firth has been a favourite ever since.

What struck me when I was watching it again a few days back was how similar   money, class, and social issues of this nearly 200 year old story were to our show. Just listen to them talking….you could almost replace them with ‘our’ couple. 🙂

and here is the meeting that follows right after the previous scene…how awkward it is…

Anyone who has not watched this one, can catch it on youtube…albeit in clipped version.  I like this version of the series the best…what about you guys?

Do write in with your favourite stories…if you want to make a longer independent post about it, let me know. I will change your settings into a contributor! But even a small comment would be great…

No longer read romance in hiding….let’s bring it out in open!!