(CT) Chapter 13: The Morning

Surprise, Surprise! it is a short one. So I added the precap 🙂 tenor




Arnav felt warm – pleasantly so.  His huge wide bed in the mansion was uncharacteristically cozy. He must thank Raghavan for the warm comforter draped around his leg. He flexed the muscle and felt none of the stiffness that the cold mountain air brought to his leg. He burrowed in and felt the floral fragrance around the pillow. He pulled it closer. The pillow emitted a soft sigh and then a whisper of hot moist air against his throat. The sensation traveled all over his body, jerking him awake.

The events of the night resurfaced in the mind. He opened his eyes to take in the surroundings. They were in the small cramped bed at the back of the SUV. Perhaps it was the cold or just the attraction that had drawn them closer earlier in the night, they lay together in a tangle of limbs. Khushi’s nose was buried in his throat, her soft breath sending small currents of awareness racing down his body. He felt his body stiffen in reaction. He tried to shift and realized that what he had thought was comforter around his leg was actually Khushi’s leg wrapped in the blanket, its pleasant weight shifting caressingly closer as she frowned and burrowed nearer.

For a moment, Arnav closed his eyes and allowed himself to fantasize, letting himself open to the warmth that this girl offered. It wasn’t as if he hadn’t been without women. But like much else in his life, his relationship with women was complicated. Ten years ago, he had bestowed his heart on a girl in his college. She had been his classmate in the MBA years. Later he had heard her joke around with her friends that she was willing to take a cripple if he was a wealthy one.  Funny, he didn’t remember her face, but he had remembered the heartbreak – the pain, as if the world would end. He had been wary since then, skimming through relationships – never assuming much, never offering anything more than a casual relationship, making his injury an armour to protect himself from the heart ache. Baba’s death and subsequent revelations had only proven him right. Letting anyone close was making yourself vulnerable. Arnav was never going to let it happen to him again.

Yet, it was a lonely life. Especially after Anjili’s marriage and Baba’s death, he had yearned for someone. He could not deny that Ms. Gupta would make a charming companion. For one, she wouldn’t make a big deal about his leg. He remembered her thunderous frown when she had told him that he could walk to the gallery if he wanted to see the paintings. She wasn’t afraid of him. In fact, one of the reasons, he had enjoyed sparring with her was the she gave as good as she got.

And yesterday….yesterday had been something else altogether. He had felt a jolt of desire at the sight of her stretching out, as if reaching for the moon.  And now, warm tendrils of desire unfurled in the pit of his stomach as she breathed out against her throat. With his eyes closed, he let himself feel – apart from her leg, her body was half over him, pressing him down. His own arm went around her waist as if holding her there. His palm resting on her lower back. If he moved a little lower…

Not a bad way to wake up in the mornings. From the side window of the car, he could see the faint rays of sun rising behind the mountains. The long road to Chandertaal winding up the hill could be seen clearly.

Arnav savoured the remains of the wonderful night as his fingers unconsciously caressed Khushi’s silken tresses. Soon they would return to the world, and the night and this morning would become a distant dream.

Khushi stirred, and Arnav drew back at once, knowing that the night was over.


‘In that case, Khushi, may I have this dance?’ the smirk on his lips challenging her to stand up with him

‘Sure,’ she put her hands in his, as the strains of music filled the terrace.  Arnav tugged her out of the chair and moved to clear space in the center. She looked into his eyes as smiled, and for a moment he felt his heart lurch. Her giggle brought an answering grin and Arnav felt the last of his inhibitions melt away.

‘We would need some innovation though, if you don’t mind. Can you put your hand on mine here?’ He gestured at the hand resting on the cane. Khushi followed the instructions, her fingers and then the rest of her palm coming to rest against the hair-roughened back of his hand.  His other hand snaked around her coming to rest on her back.

‘And this?’ She placed her other hand on his shoulder.

He nodded. ‘Yes, are you ready?’

It was awkward. Instead of clasped hands raised to the level of the shoulder, theirs rested on the cane, as Arnav and Khushi swayed against the music. With his hand on her waist, Arnav led them through slow graceful turns. If she stepped an inch closer, she would be able to place her head on his shoulder. Perhaps he would never be able to hold her with both his arms as the danced…but this felt good.

He had never really danced with a girl. Never felt the flow of music through the body, or savored the warmth of a woman’s hand resting over his. It was magical, this starlit night on this terrace. It restored a piece of his heart. Arnav felt the ice thaw and warmth steal through his chest.

‘This is lovely’ she looked up and smiled, and for a moment he felt that the sun rose and set on her smile.


16 thoughts on “(CT) Chapter 13: The Morning

  1. sminform says:

    That was a pleasant surprise… a beautiful night to remember.. he is yearning for company.. waiting to see whats khushi’s thought..

  2. fermeen30 says:

    Loved the update. Lovely morning wake up for Arnav. Love the precap, eager for the next part.

  3. mahrusweety says:

    Marvellous beautiful update.
    Loved it.
    Continue soonish

  4. tabs2016 says:

    Beautiful update and lovely night and precap. can’t wait to read more. I wonder what is that Khushi is thinking. She know how he feels about the daughter. What would happened when he finds out about her?

  5. mrieshka says:

    What a pleasant surprise and that too do enjoyable. So they are getting attracted to each other. Loved the way you write about their baby steps towards each other.

  6. rabiabegum says:

    Oh my😊! What a sweet and wonderful surprise👌😊! I love the way you write the story with immaculate details👍😃! Arnav is falling hard for Khushi but what will happen when truth comes out. They should take baby steps and Khushi should tell him the truth before going in deeper. Can’t wait to read the next chapter🤔😊!

  7. jyothim78 says:

    So beautiful…some firsts for Arnav with Khushi and so is for Khushi, totally unexpected for both…how these memories will remain with them later and shape their future…its for us to imagine wait n read…

  8. shils28 says:

    So beautiful! ❤

    Awesome precap! Excited!

  9. Oh wow that was some update! Loved it.. his loneliness n yearning was beautifully written!!
    Oh looking forward to that dance n khushi’s feelings

  10. zsiddique45 says:

    Nice surprise.. Arnav is yearning for khushi. Would love to read khushi’s thought of this situation.. Precap look promising, post that soon.

  11. susant2013 says:

    Waiting for arshi in this story to have a life together. They deserve happiness too.

  12. pup03 says:

    Amazing story.. read all parts in one go.. loved it so much.. hope you continue it soon.. ArShi are coming closer.. however the secret of Khushi is between them.. don’t know how Arnav will react to it.. but he is not gonna be happy and feeling of betrayal will be back.. don’t want them to be hurt and in pain but instead happy and enjoying their life together as one.. well will be looking forward to see how things shape up for them..

  13. mojgane says:

    I just read this chapter without reading the previous ones . It is nice and very well written. I am now tempted to read again Arshi stories after being away from the dan fictions or India forum for almost two years. Thanks 🙏🏻

  14. luvraj4ever says:

    Oh man… I am so bestowed with this story and it’s sheer beauty.. I haven’t read something this beautiful in a long time…. I can feel this story deep into my bones and I wish I had more updates to read at stretch… I can’t wait for the further updates… Please update real soon

  15. ndb63 says:

    thankyou so much for such wonderful updates….had missed last 3 to 4 updates…but caught up .
    i love ur stories…u write so well ,i can visualise each one of the scene..
    pls keep on writing,specially on arshi

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