Silence of the Doll, Tanhaiyan etc

Available on Get your copy of the saga. 🙂 the deal remains the same. Review the copies on Amazon and goodreads, write to me and get the next part of the series. You can get Silence of the Dolls once you review the Vol 2 The Desperate Plan !




And now turning to Tanhaiyan, much as I had waited for it, the series left me missing Ipkknd even more. It was a good effort but no where close to the earlier serial. Here is what was missing, according to me:


  1. Khushi Kumari Gupta and ASR:D : Or in other words, the madness, the energy, the vulnerability and the sass. Agreed that meera is educated, flirty and sophisticated and Haider, soft, vulnerable and the guy-next-door, yet the characters were a little insipid despite the layers of pain. did they arouse feelings – some but not very strong; did they keep me thinking about them once the series was over – not at all.

2.  No clash or conflict of ideas, thoughts or ideologies. One of the basic rules of storytelling that I have learned is that the stronger the conflict, the greater the stakes, the better the drama. However Tanhaiyan lacked that conflict. Whatever was there was solely internal and mistaken. No clashes no differences of opinions….nothing.

3. Uniformly same minor characters- same age, same class, same kind. Again no conflict no clashes there. No generations mingling during the wedding. I mean come on, weddings in India are a tamasha with all aunties, uncles, sisters, cousins, grandparents, friends and sundry.  But no one is there in Tanhaiyan as a foil to this bunch of younsters who are so similar to each other – nothing specific that makes Rashi different to Avanti or any other of the friends. Rashi’s ideological difference is brushed aside as comedy. So once again with the sole focus on Meera and Haider comes at the cost of the other characters.

4. Sex too soon. Now romance is all about fantasy and exaggeration. The first brush, meeting of eyes, the kiss – each moment is a step forward – anticipated and built carefully. doesn’t happen in real life but does in fiction. That is the charm of a romance. Tanhaiyan moves too fast too soon. Perhaps there is no stopping Haider and Meera. As I said, no conflict and the layers of romance are left unexplored.

5. The end: too hurried too soon. There is something about this production house. Makes the men do so much wrong and then lets them get away with a short insufficient apology that is no apology. :-(.


And now since I have been going on and on about conflict, the conflict in Dust of Ages moves through various stages. First, it is between Meera and Richard – coming from two difference worlds – one an Indian princess and the other a British soldier- their attraction overcoming the differences between their worlds, overcoming Meera’s ambition, Richard’s stubborness.

With Silence of the Dolls, we move to the next stage. These two people who have forged a bond of love and togetherness now face this coming upheaval – the sepoy mutiny. How would it affect their marriage? When and where did Meera disappear? And Richard, looking for his wife because he can not live without her – would he meet her again or …..

Get your amazon copy and let me know how you like it. 🙂




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