Happy new year :-)

Wish you all a very very happy new year. And a special reason to celebrate. Over 150 copies downloaded from amazon :-). Everyone who has downloaded please leave comments on Amazon and Goodreads.  First 10 reviewers of vol 2 on Amazon and Goodreads get vol 3 free.

Thanks a lot, Meenuk for your wonderful review (Please email me your address for the free copy of the volume).

Updating Chandrataal this weekend. In the meantime, an excerpt from 1857 Dust of Ages: The Desperate Plan

‘Shiv! You must come here. The view… the view… is breath-taking,’ Ruth’s normally deep voice rang with a strange sort of shrillness.

Shiv walked out quickly, wondering if she had really chanced on a secret passage. But her gaze was fixed on the window, next to the staircase. Bhushan stood against the window, startled by Ruth’s sudden outburst. He looked out of the window to see what had caught her attention. Disturbed by her fixed stare, he tried to shuffle away.

‘Look out of the window, Bhushanji. See how beautiful Navgarh looks,’ her arms flayed, but the movements were jerky.

The scene looked strangely familiar. Shiv knew he had seen it somewhere but couldn’t remember where. Outside the window, the scenery was similar to the one they had seen through from the larger window in the Queen’s room. What was he missing? Shiv felt Ruth’s excitement, but all he saw was Bhushan standing against the window.

Ruth, on the other hand, was fumbling with her camera, as if getting ready to click a picture.  Slowly, she raised her hand.

And all of a sudden, things fell into place. On the display screen, it was not the startled man standing against the window or the scenic landscape of Navgarh. It was a picture they had seen earlier, of the majestic old woman, standing against the window and the staircase, looking straight into their eyes.

Ruth took a deep breath, calming herself and adjusted the settings to click a picture of a confused looking Bhushan Kumar, who had no clue of what was happening.

Read on for more

For more pictures that inspired and stayed in mind, related to this series visit my Pinterest board  –    https://www.pinterest.com/vandanasaxena/dust-of-ages/

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4 thoughts on “Happy new year :-)

  1. Mansi Bhatt says:

    happy new year!!
    I am sorry! I am completely lost on how to get these books! I got the two on amazon. Not sure which I should read first or if its a continuation? are you also writing any other fiction at this time on this blog and not published?

    • Vann says:

      Hey,Mansi.yes, they are in continuation. The first one is The Forgotten Tale and the second :The Desperate Plan. Read and comment quickly on Amazon and Goodreads so you can get the next: Silence of the Dolls, free when it releases later this month 🙂

      Other fictions- only chandratal for now.

  2. Jessjazz says:

    Hi Vann, Was not sure how to go about getting your book so I guess I missed out. Anyway, wishing you much success with your book and Happy New Year.

    • Vann says:

      Thanks Jessajazz. You haven’t missed anything. Just go to the cover of the book in the post above and click. It will take you to the Amazon page where you buy the books if you want 🙂

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