Hello everyone :-),

A good bit of news once again. As a part of the end of the year festivities on Amazon, 1857 Dust of Ages: A Forgotten Tale would be available for free on Sunday, December 31 12.00 noon onwards to 12 midnight.

Get our copy NOW!

This is for some readers who have written to me saying that they are not aware of how Amazon Kindle works. So this update is to for all those who are yet to discover the treasure waiting for them on Kindle:

Step 1. Download Kindle on the device you plan to use for reading.

You need a Kindle app on the phone or tablet where you would be reading on. For Ipad or Iphone – go Appstore and search for Kindle app.

For those using Android phones and Tablets – search for Kindle app on Playstore.

It is a free app and looks like this.


Step 2: Install the app on the device.

It will ask for your email address. Please use the same address that you use for your Amazon account for shopping etc.

If you don’t have An amazon account, go to amazon website and create an account. It is free. Remember the email ID and use the same for Kindle app here.

Make sure the app is downloaded and installed on your device.

Step 3: Go to your browser – Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer or any other browser you use.

Step 4:  Login to your Amazon account.   Note: the login for this account should be the same as the address you used for downloading the Kindle app.

Step 5: Search for the book you have to purchase.

Step 6: Go on to purchase the book as you do it regularly on Amazon.  If the book is free, click on “Buy now with one click”


Step 7: You will arrive at a screen that will tell you that the book is available for you and where you can find it.

Book will be there on the Kindle app you just downloaded using the same email as your Amazon account.


Step 8: You can go to the app and the book should be there

Still not clear: go to this video

Hope this solves some problems. 🙂

Install Kindle app and get ready to download 1857 Dust of Ages volume 1 from here.


Hope you all are having great holidays. A week more to go!


3 thoughts on “

  1. mahrusweety says:

    Thanks a lot.
    It means a lot that you took so much time to make us aware hiw Amazon and kindle work.

  2. archu61 says:

    Hi I try again I have a Kindle app on my iPad but it was not letting g me buy it .

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