1857 Dust of Ages: Excerpt

A Forgotten Tale

Thanks a lot of Sarika, JuhiS and JyothiM for your reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. Indeed, I cannot thank you enough. It was so heart warming to see your words on Amazon and Goodreads.

I request others to please make the effort. It would just take 15 minutes.

For Sarika, JuhiS and JyothiM,  please send me your emails (on fictionbyvann@gmail.com) for your free copies. It would be better if you send me the accounts that are not associated with Amazon because Amazon might not permit further reviews from the accounts that receive free copies. So send me your non-Amazon associated emails and I would send your free ebooks 🙂

For the rest, who need a little more persuasion, I have only 7 copies to give.

Here is another teeny excerpt:

‘Walking through the bazaar, pondering over the existence of a princess who had been erased from Navgarh’s history, Shiv noticed the hoarding that dominated the marketplace. A 20 feet tall Mahesh Chander, the member of the State Legislative Assembly from Navgarh, greeted the people with folded hands and a kind smile.

‘Doesn’t he trace his lineage back to the royal family?’ Shiv pointed at the hoarding.

Amma frowned at the picture. ‘Yes, he does.’

The poster emphasised the humility and kindness in the face. But there was a hint of stubbornness in the eyes and the jutting nose. The hair and the moustache were painted black to make the man seem young and energetic.

Mahesh Chander and his family had held the reins of political leadership in Navgarh since India’s independence. They claimed to be the kinsmen of Raja Bhanu Pratap, descending from his nephew and heir apparent Jai Chander Pratap. The family had lived in the zenana palace of the quila before being evicted by HAS. Later, the Chanders entered into a legal dispute with HAS over the property. The case was still pending in the court.

A large part of Chander’s political influence in Navgarh came from his royal lineage. It was strengthened by Gyan Chander, Mahesh Chander’s grandfather, a local legend who had walked along with Mahatma Gandhi to the Dandi coast to break the salt laws. After Independence, Gyan Chander assumed the leadership of Navgarh as its elected representative.

This mix of royalty and patriotism sealed the ideologies of Navgarh’s political leadership. While his grandfather had fought to free India from the British yoke, Mahesh Chander saw himself as the guardian of that freedom. Mahesh and his followers wore their Indian-ness literally – from the khadi clothes to their vociferous support against any tampering with the local customs. After three generations of being in power, Chander saw Navgarh as his personal kingdom; he knew what the people wanted, what was good for them.

‘It would be interesting to talk to Chander. Don’t you think so?’ Shiv asked as he and Amma entered the haveli.’



2 thoughts on “1857 Dust of Ages: Excerpt

  1. ranogill says:

    just bought the book

    • Vann says:

      Wow. thanks a lot. You have been with me right from the start. Really hope you like it. Please review on Amazon and Goodreads. Shall be very very happy to send you the next volume. Lots of love.

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