1857 Dust of Ages: Special offers

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For all those wondering if I have forgotten Chandrataal, then I apologize. In this excitement, it has taken a backseat. But I would be updating it next week.

For all those reading this, and have left rating stars on Amazon and Goodreads, please your words matter a lot. As a first time author who has started out on her own, your words of support on public forums could make all the difference whether I would continue or….

So please write on the two sites. As I said, it would make all the difference to me.

More about this series: 1857 Dust of Ages has five volumes and A Forgotten Tale is the first. I would be releasing the volumes in about a gap of a fortnight each.The next volume: The Desperate Plan is ready for release.

1857 Dust of Ages is a story of an ill-fated love affair of an Indian Princess and a British Soldier. It is also the story of two historians Shiv Sahai and Ruth Aiken who trace the forgotten story of Princess Meera and Captain Richard against all odds.

The book is available free on Kindle Unlimited. The early reviwers (first 10) would get the next volume of the series free.  So once you begin reviewing, you could read the entire series free.

Hoping to hear from you soon – on Amazon and Goodreads


Excerpt: A Forgotten Tale

Later, she could not remember how long she sat in that darkness. But as she had started feeling better, there was a change in the air. In the stillness of the night, she became aware of a presence. Something stirred against the shrubs on the side. Eventually, the faint movement resolved into the outline of a manly form. Meera stiffened, reaching for the dagger sheathed at her waist. A gang of thugs had been looting and killing people on the road to Dilli. It could be a highwayman.

Meera sat still with her dagger drawn. The footsteps neared. As soon as they reached the groove, she rose with the speed of lightening with her dagger raised. In a flash, a hand closed over her wrist in a vice-like grip. She thrust her other hand towards the man’s chest. He let go of her wrist as he groaned in surprise. He recovered fast enough to parry the next blow. She attacked, he defended.

 Meera believed she was fighting a thug, one particularly skilled in hand-to-hand combat. He evaded another blow with a swing of his hand that dislodged her turban-scarf. Her braid fell over her shoulder. She panicked at the loss of precious moments as she pushed the hair away from her face. But her opponent was equally astonished.

‘By Jove!’ he became still. Taking advantage of the lull, Meera tackled him, bringing the man to his knees with her arm clamped around his neck. He no longer resisted.

‘I surrender, Princess.’

Meera let go immediately. She stepped away doubling over, gasping for breath. The man lumbered up, drawing large gulps of air – all the time keeping a keen eye on her. Heart beats slowed down. Fear was replaced by surprise and consternation. Meera walked to her horse and drew out the waterskin and offered it to him.

‘I apologize, Captain,’ she said as he drank thirstily. ‘I was under the impression that I was alone.’

He took his time to recover before he replied. ‘And so was I,’ there was a smile somewhere in the voice. He handed the water skin back. It was empty.

‘What are you doing here at this time?’

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