‘Don’t Fall in Love’ free till 10 pm today

Free downloads till 10 pm today. Hurry πŸ™‚

dont fall in loveIMG-20160423-WA0010


10 thoughts on “‘Don’t Fall in Love’ free till 10 pm today

  1. No IOS app yet… Sigh!

  2. mrieshka says:

    Hey– I am in USA. How can I get this.?. Thanks

  3. Juhi611 says:

    Would love to get it, but unfortunately I love in the States and there is no option for buying it. πŸ™

  4. anamika says:

    App isn’t for US readers…: 😦

  5. malikhina says:

    Wow vandana, congrats. I am so happy that your first story book is out. Have a huggy and many many wishes!!

    I am so excited. I so want to read it asap πŸ˜‰

    Keep up the good work!!!

    Love you and your works πŸ™‚

    P.S. I hope you start an ArHi story in future too yar, i am missing your work on Arshi. I don’t know how many times i have read unforgettable till now. I think i now know and remember each and every line of that story by heart. Hehe. I just can’t get enough of it.

    I am sure “Don’t fall in love” will be awesome too.

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