Don’t fall in Love

It happened this way!!!!


dont fall in love



It’s out.




19 thoughts on “Don’t fall in Love

  1. Hemalatha says:

    congrats. best wishes.

  2. bablubli says:

    Many many congratulations Vandana! It is very heartening to see your stories in the form a book. Wish you much success!!

  3. eternalallure says:

    Congratulations!!! I am sure going to buy and read this one…

  4. Hey Congratulations! Where? Where is it out? Please let me know, I tried googling but I can’t find it.

  5. Ok… Juggernaut App. But that’s Android… Waiting for it to come out on IOS. Congrats again V! Give us the blurb…

  6. fermeen30 says:


  7. Pretty cool says:

    Congratulations girl !!send us link for buying direction

  8. dilectus91 says:

    Rabba Ve dear Vann!!! Bhagwan aapki kitaab par khoob saare gulaabi dupatte giraayein!!!

  9. mayurisb80 says:

    Congratulations dear…i hope and pray for more of such sucess….

  10. mrieshka says:

    Congratulation for your achievement.

  11. arjuhisis says:

    Sorry Iam late
    Congratulations dear

  12. Vann says:

    Thank you all. Please let me know how you all liked it πŸ™‚

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