Hello everyone,


This is to apologise for the inconvenience caused yesterday. I was trying to make the blog private (I dont know how to 😦 if any one does please let me know). I ended up making every page private and thought that people who follow would still be able to read them. Then I recived PMs from many that pages were no longer showing to anyone. So I gave up the idea and for the time being decided to leave the blog till I learn how to ‘privatize’ it properly.

Wonders of technology, when I opened it to public  today, I think there were emails sent to everyone about new posts or editing or something.

I am really sorry to have caused this inconvenience. To make up for it, will update ICHTW soon.

Regarding “Dust of AGes,” after the final edits on the author’s part (namely mine), it has now gone over for final edits by the publishers. I sent it off yesterday (hence the zeal to ‘privatise’ my work). you would be hearing about it soon 🙂




19 thoughts on “Apology

  1. malavika123 says:

    Thanks- got really confused!

  2. adhiti says:

    So you are not re-writing Unforgettable right?

  3. Hina69 says:

    Thank God!

    I wanted to re-read it cos i was missing it so much:p

    its ok V, it happens. No need to apologize. I understand:)

  4. ranogill says:

    i hope i am included in your private blog

  5. priya300 says:

    Hey if u ever privatise the blog plZzz do invite me

  6. hydsri says:

    thanks for the clarification. I was confused as well. Hoping to read more from you.

  7. xfan says:

    Thanks for the clarification I was scared that you were going to give up ICHTW. Looking forward to buying Dust of Ages. But Unforgettable will remain my favourite.

  8. labiba18 says:

    its ok….wating for dust of ages…would love to read it

  9. sankadevi25 says:

    Hey Vandana,

    I loved Unforgettable, and I definitely do want to read more of your work as well. However, due to my lack of time I don’t think I’ll be able to before you privatize, unless you are privatizing this blog months into the future. I would love to atleast be able to have access to Unforgettable, so do you think you can allow me access to your blog after? Thank you so much! Congrats on Dust of Ages! I can’t wait to read it, if possible 🙂

  10. rati123 says:

    Waiting for your update please !!

    • Hi rati….I am really sorry to make everyone wait so much but life and things have taken some unexpected turns. Right now other things have become more important. But I promise to complete this story as soon as I can….I know I would lose many of you on the way. But I promise to all who are waiting, I will complete it …just that it will take time….

  11. arshina223 says:

    when will you update ICHTW??

  12. bhooma01 says:

    Hi. My name is Bhooma and I LOVE your work. Your tale on Chandanpore sent shivers down my spine. If you do privatise your blog please do include me in the membership list.

  13. mahrusweety says:

    Can i get link to read your other work on arshi.
    ICHTW according to above comments is private.
    Kids send me link

    • Vann says:

      Hi Mahrusweety. Was great to read all your comments, special to me since they come such a long time after I completed ‘Unforgettabale.’ Regarding ICHTW, please read ‘Don’t Fall in Love’ published by Juggernaut books earlier this year. 🙂 it is an ebook.
      More of my stories? I am still working on Chandrataal…will definitiely complete it…hopefully by the end of this year.
      And you might just get to read an original epic piece of work on Amazon. Just keep a watch. Would need your lovely feedback again. Stay in touch. 🙂

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