Hello everyone,


This is to apologise for the inconvenience caused yesterday. I was trying to make the blog private (I dont know how to 😦 if any one does please let me know). I ended up making every page private and thought that people who follow would still be able to read them. Then I recived PMs from many that pages were no longer showing to anyone. So I gave up the idea and for the time being decided to leave the blog till I learn how to ‘privatize’ it properly.

Wonders of technology, when I opened it to public  today, I think there were emails sent to everyone about new posts or editing or something.

I am really sorry to have caused this inconvenience. To make up for it, will update ICHTW soon.

Regarding “Dust of AGes,” after the final edits on the author’s part (namely mine), it has now gone over for final edits by the publishers. I sent it off yesterday (hence the zeal to ‘privatise’ my work). you would be hearing about it soon 🙂