Dust of Ages: Historical fiction

Hope you have read the amateur blurb to the book. If you haven’t, it is here

So finally I got the contract, a lawyer friend read it and gave it a thumbs up and I signed and sent it back to the publishers. So things are moving slowly but surely.

As I said, I wrote a major part of ‘Dust of Ages with Unforgettable and sometimes the stories might reflect each other…in terms of language and  characters. But then that is for you guys to tell when you finally read ‘Dust of Ages.’

For now, just for my research, one question – do you like historical fiction? which book or film comes first to the mind? Any book of the genre that you would read again and again?


10 thoughts on “Dust of Ages: Historical fiction

  1. henamani says:

    ur writing has soul in it. i love to read all genres as long as they are well written

  2. shilparahul says:

    A well written book with lots of romance is the key. Period is a setting so any one will do…promise by Daniel steel , pride and prejudice are s few that come to mind

  3. farheen75 says:

    I love your writing bcz the feelings and emotions u portray in your stories touch my heart… I read anything and everything as long as the story is well written and do justice to the characters which u r more than capable to do… I think when reading a period story if the author is able to connect the reader to that era and make the reader feel and live that era through the characters then his/her work is done and I am really looking forward to read such a story from your pen as u have achieved this feat in unforgettable bcz u made me feel Khushi’s helplessness yet at the same time made me angry at her stupididity as well, similarly in Arnav’s case extreme repulsion at his actions but sympathy at his suffering that’s why I absolutely love this story of yours.

  4. I’m open to all genres as long as the plot is engaging, the characters have depth and the prose is well crafted. However, historical fictions makes me a bit weary as the setting is such an intricate part of the story and not many writers are able to fully capture and convey it convincingly.

    When I think historical fiction I think of Gone With the Wind. Not only did Mitchell create memorable characters in Scarlett and Rhett, she launched my fascination with the American South as it was ravaged by the Civil War – it was in the loving description, the painstaking research, that her setting became another character of the story – some could argue that it was her main character.

    Recently I read an ff that manages to create beauty by using the setting in a powerful way – munchy’s Pandora’s Box. Here, the historical backdrop serves as the underlying tension between the Arnav & Khushi – a literal divide that separates them in background, ideology, and permeates every aspect of their marriage life.

    More than any other genre, I feel historical fics needs to be handled with loving care as you cannot gloss over the period it’s set in. Readers need to understand why it matters that this story and these characters are in this particular era, how does it shape them, affect them, change them?

    Ok I just wrote a LOT, hope this helps ^^

  5. xfan says:

    My vote goes for Gone with the Wind as well. Love the book. Love the way the romance has been set in the back drop on American civil war. Absolutely adore Rhett Butler’s character.

  6. Archanapopli says:

    I love to read your work as you bring them to life as if we can relate to them I like any genre as long as the plot is good so go for it we support you.

  7. Deepthi says:

    From the title to the blurb, ‘Dust of Ages’ looks like a fascinating, engaging and enthralling story… the plot seems captivating… looking forward to it…

    I’d vote for ‘Gone with the wind’ and ‘Pride and Prejudice’ as well. As period/ historic stories, they not only create the appropriate setting but also portray the mindset of the society and the characters with sensibility and with a slow deliberate progression in the pace.

    Congratulations on your accomplishment. Waiting for an update on this 🙂

  8. rati123 says:

    Congratulations on your achievement ! I love historical fiction. I remember Jodha Akbar or Gone with the wind or even Cleopatra when I think of historical fiction.

  9. lakraj80 says:

    Beautiful stories! Love them to bits!!!

  10. bandanawp says:

    Loved Unforgettable. True to its name – a superb narrative, that will remain in my memory. I am one of the many die hard fans of Arshi. Am on my way to start reading CT. Look forward to reading more … Krishna Datta

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