1857 Dust of Ages

Dust of Ages

By yours truly

Dust of ages

When Shiv Sahai, a young NRI art historian, stumbles on an excerpt from a journal of an anonymous British soldier in search of his wife in the chaos of 1857-Delhi, he is fascinated. Shiv sets out to discover the unknown story that lives on in the bylanes of his hometown, Navgarh. As meticulous and taciturn Dr. Shiv Sahai pieces together the lost history of Navgarh, he is joined by the ever-romantic and impulsive British scholar Ruth Aiken.

Together , they investigate the scandal of the past – the story of Princess Meera of Navgarh and Captain Richard Smith and their strange relationship based on an interplay of mutual attraction and personal ambition. The alliance made for the throne of Navgarh saves the kingdom at a crucial time when it is on the verge of being taken over by the  East India Company.

But the 1850s is a volatile time in India. When the rebellion erupts in 1857, Navgarh is drawn into the flames.  Meera and Richard’s marriage is tested against the backdrop of violence during the sepoy rebellion. They two are forced to part – Meera joins the sepoys on their way to Delhi while Richard Smith arrives at the outskirts of Delhi as a part of the British regiment.

Over a century now, Navgarh  has forgotten its  princess who married a British soldier to save the kingdom. The present political establishment is led by the descendant of King of Navgarh’s nephew, another contender for the throne  by virtue of being the only male in the line.

The story resurfaces when Ruth and Shiv discover the intricate link between these figures of history and Shiv’s own family. The investigations that begin with the archival material in Delhi and Navgarh, go through a maze of hidden trap doors and underground chambers in the old fort of NAVGARH, leading them through the bylanes of old Delhi, back to  ancestral home, the haveli, where the secret is hidden.

As they unravel the puzzle, Shiv and Ruth  collide head-on with the forces still trying to erase the scandal  from the annals of history. But the hidden history of Navgarh will no longer be suppressed.


Meet the Characters: 2016


15 thoughts on “1857 Dust of Ages

  1. anjalikharbe says:

    nice one…………i am assuming it is not an ArShi story, Am i right ?

  2. malavika123 says:

    Wow! Love the concept! When are you updating the Arshi stories?

  3. badfaith4u says:

    Sounds really fascinating. Is this getting published?

  4. rochaney says:

    Wow . All the best with this. I am assuming this is going to be published. Congratulations!!!!! Please keep us updated so that we can purchase it.

  5. xfan says:

    Congrats I am assuming this is going to be published. I love your writing hence will purchase the book even though the story is not about my favourite couple Arnav and Khushi : )

  6. farheen75 says:

    Wow u retting published, that’s great and many many congratulations to u for achieving this feat… May god bless u with success in this new endeavour of yours.

  7. anu1017 says:

    Wow is your story getting published??? Congrats Vani, good luck!!!

  8. arshina223 says:

    i want unforgettable to be updated! *pout*

  9. Archanapopli says:

    It interesting I would love to read more.

  10. Hina69 says:

    Wow thats so so interesting!

    Congo for getting it published Vandana 🙂

  11. Interesting concept! Congratulations for publishing the book!

  12. jyothim78 says:

    This is lovely story, linked with historical romance, during one of the most trying times in history intricately woven into poitical and cultural suspense….

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