(Unforgettable) Chapter 30c: You’ve Got Mail

From: Khushi K.Gupta <khushikumarigupta@xyz.com>

To: Arnav Singh Raizada ASR@ardesigns.com

Date:  Thu, Feb 22, 2014 at 8:04 PM

Subject: Aap Theek Ho?


It has been two days. You must be thinking that I have relapsed into silence again. It is not so. I have been thinking, thinking a lot, trying to make sense of what you said.

Lekin sach kahen? Aap burra toh nahi manoge? (But shall I tell you the truth? Will you mind?). I am unable to understand it all. Some things I do. I try to put myself in your situation and see, but I can’t. Humme abhi bhi paise ki baat samajh nahi aati. ( I still don’t understand all this talk about money). Perhaps because there are other truths about us …truths that we cannot ignore; truths due to which we never got along in the past, and may not even in the future.

Sabse bada sach yeh hain Arnavji, ki aap or hum ekdum alag duniya se hain.  (Because the biggest truth, Arnaviji, is that we belong to different worlds.)  We think differently, we react differently. I am an orphan from the middle class and the very idea of middle class and its people was so abhorrent to you once.

My thoughts are different, my values are different. For me, relationships, happiness of people around me always came over money. And just the way you did not understand that, I do not understand you.

Since we are being honest and admitting mistakes, I might as well admit mine and apologise for it, thought it is too late.  I should have told Shyaam’s truth to you or Anjili di as soon as I discovered it. I even came to do that. But the idea of giving so much pain to Di, you, your family, the thought that I would be the reason behind your suffering, I could not face that. Like a coward I gave up and preferred to live in a fool’s paradise. That Shyaam would change; that once the child is born he would mend his ways. I should have known that he never would. But I had convinced myself to live in denial.

I am not saying that my way is better than yours. It  led me to errors of judgement. I would like to think that I have becme more careful, more discerning. I am not sure. But I am a middle class girl; a girl who even lived through  poverty in the last one year. I might have fallen down then, had my friend not kept me afloat. Paison ke liye nahin, Arnavji, par un logon ke liye kuch bhi kar sakte hain. (Not for money, but for the sake of those friends, I can do anything). It was same with me then. It is so now. Perhaps I will always be middle class.


Khushi sat back, re-reading the mail. She wasn’t satisified. But even when thinking and wiritng, it was a difficult conversation. They would never have made it, had they been face-to-face. Passion, anger, sadness and tears would have taken over long ago. Perhaps that wouldn’t have been so bad, her heart whispered stiltedly. He would have put his arms aournd her and she would have sobbed on his chest. Perhaps that would have been enough to finish it all. Perhaps she should give up this stubbornness, give in and return. It would not be so difficult; even now those harsh scenes of the past were losing their sting. They did not pierce her as they had done weeks ago. She had been truthful. She would never understand things that drove Arnavji. But she often felt that those motivations were no longer important.

Her musings was interrupted by Lavanaya hwo sat on the oppsotie chair with a thud, showing off her manicured and polished hand. She would be a bride soon. Her face glowed with happiness.

‘Poor Aman ji. He is going to fall in love some more and there are still two weeks to go.’ Khushi teased.

Lavanaya blushed as she rolled her eyes, and then glanced at the laptop. ‘Writing to Mr.Raizada?’

Khushi nodded and turned serious. Lavanaya had been a great friend, giving her space but of late, she was being rather pushy when it came to her.

‘You are still not ready to call and talk.’

‘Not yet. There are some more answers that I need.’

‘Hisab maang rahi ho, Khushi?Are you asking him to account for all your suffering?


Khushi felt her hackles rise. ‘Not you too, Lavanaya? You think I have no right to these answers…that I should tow the line…’

‘No, you shouldn’t. In fact, if you were dead set against the man, then I would have been fine. Absolutely. But I see that you are not happy. Neither would he be. If I remember him correctly, he would be missing you terribly. His heart would have burst with hope with your mail, he would have laid bare his heart when he wrote to you. Tell me if I am wrong, Khushi.’ Khushi sat silently, Lavanaya’s words joining along with NK’s. ‘And then the days you spent thinking over it (Yes, I do watch over you Khushi), think how he would have suffered? Thinking that the mail he sent might have repulsed you, waiting day and night for a word from you. The extent to which he went to get you back, anyone can see. He loves you, Khushi. No one can deny it. Not even you.’ Khushi nodded. ‘And you love him too. I see that you miss him. Terribly.’

‘Khushi, its okay if you want more time,’ Lavanaya continued, sighing at Khushi’s silence. ‘But be honest and admit. Don’t withhold hope from him. It is not like to punish someone like this. That too a man who loves you so.’

Khushi nodded silently and Lavanaya left her at the that, hoping that she had not said too much.

Khushi watched Lavanaya’s retreating back. Perhaps her friend was right. LAvanaya, who Arnavji had thanked for looking after her in such a heartfelt manner, whose wedding he had arranged, for whose happiness he had done all he could. Why? Because Aman Mathur was his friend, and Lavanaya who was her close friend. For you, her heart whispered. For you, because he knew it would make you happy.

I am not saying I am changed man Khushi. That is for you to decide.Words from his letter came back to him.

Khushi added a small postscript to the mail and sent it.


Arnav’s phone beeped. Was this it? The message he ahd been waiting for days, afraid that his mail, his admitting that he had no answers for the past, might have put her off. The letter asked for more from him…but the postscript. It warmed him, it promised nothing, but it was generous enough to give hope. If it was possible he fell in love some more.

PS: Ek sach aur bhi hai, Arnavji. (there is one more truth). That I miss you terribly. Day and night. Jeeji asked me some days ago ‘tumhe kya faraq padta hai, Khushi.’ Lavanaya too told the same thing to me just now. Let the bygones be.

Magar baat apki hai isliye faraq padta hai. Whatever may be the outcome of all this, I know that as long as I live, you would always dominate my thoughts, my memories, my heart.  Laad Governor!


Here it is! I feel like giving myself  a pat on the back. It is not even that short!! 🙂


35 thoughts on “(Unforgettable) Chapter 30c: You’ve Got Mail

  1. naushi78 says:

    The laad governor is happy with the P.S and so am I with this new email 🙂

  2. jabb12 says:

    Beautiful . what khushi is thinking totally makes sense the way you have written it .

  3. akaps123 says:

    Khushi is justified in demanding the answers. Nice

  4. malavika123 says:

    Very very nice- particularly the post script. This is almost the best part of the story and so different!

  5. badfaith4u says:

    That PS was perfect. Very sweet

  6. dmgview says:

    loved the PS.. La’s advice was good too..

  7. arshina223 says:

    I like P.S part bas!
    It plastered a smile on my face!
    Laad governer!! Too cute!

  8. awww tht PS was just awesome… had tears in my eyes again…. watz with me n tears today… i guess its ur writing n arshi 🙂

  9. Lovely. The post script is very well done.

  10. labiba18 says:

    loved it…cant wait for them to get back together

  11. Gia says:

    awww.. the post script.

    Now just run upto him Kushi and let him help you forget all the bad memories..

  12. I loved the last reply she is so refreshing .and unique in her outlook ,and she knows what she wants and expects of people in her life and never thinks negative and he was the opposite in his view he expects the worst from people he deals with , they complete each other the ying and yang factor

  13. Atyay says:

    Loved the updates. Beautifully portrayed.

  14. Deepthi says:

    Oh that was so heart warming!! Please update soon 🙂

  15. sangs49 says:

    Yes arnav replies provided some explainations, but I was wondering what is missing, why I am not truly satisfied! And lo! with khushi’s reply I know what answers were missing …. Why so much hate for middle class syndrome especially for khushi. Shyam was also middle or low class but he was accepted, trusted and heard. Same with Payal, he simply asked Akashi if wants this marriage then he was ready to make this deal. No questions asked about the integrity, loyalty of Payal, before or after the wedding. Why? More over his beloved Miami was from low/ middle class he has no problem accepting and trusting her.
    He himself face some struggles in life he and his family wer not rich, and Miami need to sell her jwellery to help him. Need angle is good if he had alway was rich and powerful but he did saw may lows in life before getting all that power and money. Long comment… Carried away 🙂

  16. amri174 says:

    Awesome . You articulated their feelings and dilemmas so well:-) let’s see what happens next;-)

  17. adhiti says:

    Loved it.

    I liked how Lavanya put it in words for Kushi. It was very different from Payal’s words to Kushi. Payal was partial in her words to Arnav because beneath everything else she felt guilty that her life had caused Kushi so much trouble. She just wanted to settle it so she can be guilt free. Also because she had realized that in blaming Arnav they were hiding away from their own guilt. So she wanted to end it for once and for all.

    But Lavanya has not bias, Arnav might be arranging her wedding, but she knows it is for Kushi more than for her. She also know Kushi, understands her, her need for answers. But she also understands Kushi and her deep desire to be with him. So she guided her in the right direction. Didn’t ask her to give in like Payal, didn’t ask her to be angry on him like she should be, but asked her to show a white flag’s end so that there is hope which would cool both hearts, unlike Payal who was trying to cool her own heart in the disguise of concern!!!!

  18. ranogill says:

    I am happy that Khushi is also happy

  19. ranogill says:

    What I meant was Khushi also honest

  20. cocoamob says:

    Even though Arnav tried to be very honest in his response, he was not able to answer her questions about why he singled her out and treated her out so harshly. Khushi is still insecure about his feelings to her and is looking for some kind of reassurance from him. Otherwise, the feelings will keep popping up when they have arguments in the future as well! It would be nice for Arnav to accept that he behaved that way because he was attracted to her and was fighting those feelings – at least some kind of justification for his behavior.

  21. sanasafina says:

    Loved Lavanya for the best friend and wonderful person she is….

    Khushi is a simple girl…. She doesn’t understand the complexity that Arnav was surrounded with… For her life is all about being happy and make other people happy…. Whereas Arnav life is a complex web….So its obvious that she didn’t understand Arnav’s explanation…

    Loved the PS…. It made my day…. 🙂 Loved it….

  22. Garash says:

    Beautifully written!!!

  23. fiza says:

    the email parts are so amzingly written…Arnve still unable to make words line correctly.. khushi seeking n trying to read in between the lines… but the PS did it all….the feeling of breathing he must have felt

  24. hydsri says:

    Like the use of email between them to clarify a lot. makes it easier to pen down thoughts.

  25. ….. thank you for creating and sharing this version of Arnav. I’d just greedily digested all the chapters of “Unforgettable” and it has filled the void left in me from the actual drama’s ending. The redemption track you have him undergo is so damn satisfying, but I also love that no matter how much he is repenting, there remains lingering traces of ASR. :p
    While I adored this ff for the Arshi moments, THANK YOU for giving us a Payal that is worthy of Khushi’s sacrifice; this was the sister I kept waiting to emerge in the show, but never did – the sisterly bond here is simply beautiful to witness. ^^

  26. javeria3991 says:

    Awesome update
    The postscript in the end was very cute and lovely.
    What matters is THEM, and hamesha.
    Khushi stills dominates, rules over Arnav’s once dormant hear and Arnav too is Khushi’s prince, the only man who made her heart dhak dhak and who is always present in her thoughts every moment.
    Whatever Arnav did with Khushi in the past, it’s khushi’s right to complain about it but she can’t made him suffer now. Poor Arnav he has suffered a lot and now he is loosing hope. The last one year was hellish for him enough for his redemption and now when she is again away for him is making his condition worst. Khushi is just complaining, lavanyah is right that she can questions his actions and intentions but with that she has to give him hope too as one Ray of hope is enough for a dead man to live again.
    he is again in mess just like when she stumble in his arms long time ago. Ab bus bohat hua. There is only one simple truth that Arnav irrevocably loves Khushi and he is guilty on his every single moment he mistreated her and ready to make amend, all he need is second chance. If Khushi is thinking about last then she should also look over their future together.
    Its time to make new memories so that there would be no dark ones to look upon.
    I am loving the pace of the story.

  27. amus5 says:

    here i am with my comment….
    when arnav read khushi’s mail it must have struck him like thunderbolt.but what khushi doesnt realise is by probing arnav’s past she is walking on thin ice. arnav is a man who is haunted by the past and it is not so easy for him to say let bygones be bygones …. but now that khushi has raised this question will he be able to overcome it – if he does he will be healed being a fighter that he is,otherwise, he will succumb to the weight of the past …

    and is khushi ready to bear the burden of her arnavji’s past???

    thanx for the update… pls continue soon 🙂

    ps btw in my last comment i had written AD and you wondered what AD referred to – Asli Duniya ;D

  28. doesn't matter says:

    Happy women day!

  29. zainza says:

    when are you updating, dear

  30. dumas001 says:

    loved the update love the in depth the thought the way you structure the questions making the reader think and and wait for the answers you bring us in and hold us loved la and khushi conversation loved the update i am late i now

  31. sskaug25 says:

    beautifully written story. read all chapters in one go.

  32. addicted25 says:

    I liked how you wrote the email, then the story rebegan and lastly His feelings reading the postcript. So much better than the to and fro email rally. But the truth is it os him that is why she asks the question, afterall one expects their raj kumar to love them back, inconditionally, without barriers… and more to trust her. It hurts more wnen the person you love ..first love, not family love treats you badly.

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