(Unforgettable) Chapter 30a : You’ve got mail

From: Khushi K.Gupta <khushikumarigupta@xyz.com>

To: Arnav Singh Raizada ASR@ardesigns.com

Date:  Thu, Feb 20, 2014 at 5:04 PM

Subject: Aap Theek Ho?


I know this mail would surprise you. It has surprised me as well. I was all set to write a long letter to you but Lavanaya and Amanji convinced me that this was better. So here I am. After Lavanaya taught me to operate this thing and Amanji created an account, they have let me alone to struggle on the keyboard when I have so many things to write.

But now that I am writing, I am left wondering about the same thing that I had been in the morning when I was sitting with a pen and paper. Where do I begin?

Aap theek ho na? Thank you for the anklets. They are exactly like my amma’s. They meant so much to me now. And not just because of amma.

It was good of Nanheji to visit Lucknow. He told me a lot of things…about the past. Please don’t be angry with him. It helped me understand so much that had been puzzling me for a long long time. I understand your hurt, your anger. Even your distrust. I know it has been a long time, but the bad memories have a bad habit. They tend to persist till we make an effort, conscious and willfull to root them out.

I want to do that Anravji. I want to move ahead. I don’t want to linger forever with horrible days and nights of life.

But before I can do that, I need to know and understand why all this happened? I know you found it difficult to trust. Life held little prospects of pleasure. Yet there were people you were courteous with, people who did not bear the constant brunt of your anger as I did. What did I ever do that I was never given a benefit of doubt or a chance to explain? So many times you could have made little effort and learnt the truth – about my presence at the Sheesh Mahal the first night, about Shyam and me.
Then why? Perhaps it was just convenient to hate me? The question bothers me night and day.

Why me?

Khush Kumari Gupta


Arnav’s reply, coming up soon. As i said, lets try for short updates this week which I can manage.

As you know, ‘Unforgettable’ is moving towards the end. I know a lot of you read only thsi story. (It would be nice if you gave the other one a try) and a lot of you have been reading it silently. Please, this is the time to  leave comments  since there are only a few more updates left on this one. Make it memorable for me. Leave a lot of comments!!

Also, as I mentioned in my reply to Hina in the last update, I have another story, whcih I wrote along side ‘unforgettable’. Hopefully I would be able to share more about it with you soon. I wrote ‘Unforgettable’ to take a break from that one, and I came to ‘Unforgettable’ with that story floating in my viens. You will see a lot of influences of this story on that.

For updates on that and all my other fictions (now and coming), follwo me here (of course) or join me on twitter (@vandanasaxena31)

Enjoy 🙂


57 thoughts on “(Unforgettable) Chapter 30a : You’ve got mail

  1. badfaith4u says:

    Khushi wrote an email to Arnav
    I hope Arnav replies and answers all her questions

  2. Sangs49 says:

    We all have made up some reasons or others to justify Arnav’s behavior towards Khushi. But neither the show nor some of the stories I have read did justice to even ask his reasons in clear and simple manner as khushi did in her email. To get the right answer you need to frame question correctly. I am happy to see her email and am eager to read his response, his reasons, the real crux from the man himself. Looking food for next update…..

  3. naushi78 says:

    Khushi writing an email is kind of weird but then she had to one day. I am eager to read Arnav’s response now.

    I will soon start reading the other story too 🙂

  4. arshina223 says:

    Khushi finally questioned arnav!
    Why she has been always the one,he inflict his anger upon!
    Waiting for arnav’s answers!
    I really can’t think what would be his answer, as khushi has wrote, that arnav was cordial with other people than her, it cannot be becoz of his past. If it was so his behavior should have been same with everyone as with khushi!

  5. akaps123 says:

    A very valid query by Khushi.

  6. mklam says:

    I like strong heroines and Khushi here is facing her demons, working her way out of the abyss and determined to forge a future with Arnav. Bravo! But she wants answers and a better understanding of the man she’s married to before taking that step – otherwise the marriage may fail. Good storyline, strong characters.

  7. adhiti says:

    a good question by Kushi. She can move ahead only if Arnav simplifies the idea of ASR’s love!

  8. soppymalhotra50 says:

    Im loving how this is going!….and ive always been one to think that written conversations are always better!

  9. Nice one. Khushi asking Arnav a direct question – nicely done.

  10. Anamika says:

    Wonderful part. This Khushi is so direct 🙂

  11. dmgview says:

    i liked her question.. waiting for the answer now..

  12. piyasahay says:

    Waow an e mail frm kkgsr,.. Wud be waitng 4 asr’s reply

  13. oh wow tht was a lovely update… khushi finally using technology to get in touch with her arnav (he was, is and will always be her’s 😀 no matter wat) she wrote it with such clear mind after thinkng a lot.. eager to know what he is going to reply and how will he justify his actions 🙂

  14. Farheen75 says:

    A very straight and simple email with an equally straight and simple query and now Arnav should answer it as simply as he could so that there won’t be any misunderstanding and ambiguity left.

  15. dumas001 says:

    loved the update loved that she sent him the email and started asking him why her loved it awesome

  16. zainza says:

    Aaaaahhhhhh……just what I’d been waiting for. Its good that Khushi is talking about even the earlier times when Arnav just tried to hate her because he was affected by her. It shall close the loops that the cvs never bothered closing.

    By the way I don’t have a twitter account so I’ll just stalk you here.and i’ll be reading whatever you write 🙂

  17. Garash says:

    Fabulous update. Khushi’s question to arnav is a really positive step as it will make arnav introspect on a lot of his earlier decisions and he will be able to tell her the truth. The communications lines will open further and they will finally be able to lay the past to rest. Awaiting eagerly for your next update.

  18. Boss says:

    nice! continue soon!

  19. It what’s so true the letter she penned .i hope he digs deep into his past to answer her question .i love your story because you delve into the inner deeper emotions of your protagonists .i think you done a wonderful job we can relate to this couple as they are flawed. And not perfect .

  20. amus5 says:

    dear Vandana
    Firstly i apologise for the tardy comment to your updates… the fact is that AD had pulled me away from FFs and now when i came back saw that unforgettable and ICHTW have moved 2-3 chappys ahead…

    coming to the place where NK reveals to Khushi about the past I think this is a point which Anjali should have revealed to Khushi long before all this mess had happened…. Anjali was a person with whom Khushi had a good rapport and was always hovering over her to have a watch on Shyam – so Anjali had ample time to help arshi to overcome teething problems in their marriage. She , i wish, had become a pillar of strength for arshi’s marriage.Atleast Nani could have taken the initiative when Manorama used to leave no stone unturned to taunt the Gupta sisters. Well that was not to happen so Nk revealing the past is quite a healthy sign as many a times it is not possible to move forward without the past having been resolved …

    Khushi has taken a very positive approach to mend the shattered and torn married life of arshi….

    And the last but not the least today’s technology has proved itself worthy for mankind – Though i wonder if ASR is made to write a reply in the letter format (through the age old system of post and delivery) what would be his reaction and also khushi’s to see “kheede and makhodes” running on paper 😉

    thanx for the updates….pls continue soon – will be eagerly awaiting ASR’s reply mail

    • No problem, Amu. Glad that you haven’t given up on this one!! Whats AD by the way?

      You a re right. Anjili or Nani should have revealed the past long time back. Even in the series, when Arnav told her abuot hsi parents, I was like ‘Oops, how come no one has ever told her about that.’ In this story I have left Anjili in her own happy space. As a single mother and working woman, she is a strong enough. So i let her be in peace. But I wanted NK here, as he was the only selfless freind of Khushi. No hidden agendas, no selfish interests!

      Now you give me another reaons to justify them mailing each other – ASR’s writing was bad ‘kheede, makhode’ indeed. More reason not to feel weird at this idea. 🙂
      I updated!!

  21. rati123 says:

    I think Khushi vocalises her question very clearly. For one who is unaccustomed to the emails, she has expressed herself quite well.

    I am waiting to read Arnav;s reply.

    • thank you rati. It is time to be honest, straight and listen to each other (which, now that I was watching it some days ago) they never really did. Apni hi dhun me sawaar rehte the!!

      Updated Arnav’s reply!

  22. Superb ff! Would have been so good to see these questions from Khushi in the actual serial-only Payal had questioned his behaviour towards her in the early episodes.(to which he didn’t answer).

    • Yes. we can die wishing that but its not gonna happen now ;-(. And I can offer only this story as a consolation.
      I remember the scene that you talk about. IN fact, I have watched that scene quiet often when I am not sure how payal would react in ths story.

      thanks for waking up writing in, sleepydreams!! 😀

  23. Deepthi says:

    I really appreciate your portrayal of Arnav and Khushi. Though it makes me sad that the story is nearing it’s end, I feel immensely content with the way the story eventually unfolded. eagerly waiting for further updates. Glad I came across this one. kudos! 🙂 🙂

  24. dimp72 says:

    I love this story – i will miss it when its over. but good news is you are starting a new one so eagerly waiting for it.

  25. ranogill says:

    Waiting for Arnav’reply….

  26. sanasafina says:

    I m happy that Khushi questioned Arnav….. His reasons for not trusting khushi only was always vague…. I hope with Arnav reply it would get clear….

    Loved the update….

  27. salove1789 says:

    loved the update!!!

    sometimes i have the same questions with my life

  28. mahrusweety says:

    Love the updates.
    Beautifully written

  29. Judy Rose says:

    Hi there
    I’m so sorry that I am not commenting as much as you would like. Unfortunately I’m not a good writer and cannot Express myself as you do. But I would like to let you know that I have read many many Arshi stories and you are superb. These past chapters have been very emotional. It has made me very teary. I have not been able to put down this story. Very riveting. Thnx so much for the entertainment.

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