Let’s talk

about Mr.Rochester

Okay, here is another favourite. Dear Mr. Rochestor flirting with Jane Eyre.

And Jane – what a strong  independent character…. I identified with ehr so much once.

And then postcolonial readings happened. Wide Sargasso Sea happened and Mr.Rochestor became a grey bluebeard like character.  But his portrayal by Toby Stevens is just perfect.

If  you can find the video where he pleads with Jane to stay back, you wuld know what defines ‘hot.’  Sadly we can’t see it on youtube. If anyone has the link, please share. It is called Rochestor’s plea to Jane.


5 thoughts on “Let’s talk

  1. amus5 says:

    ah ……..bringing back memories of a lost time…..thanx for posting it here ….was completely mesmorised in it 😀

  2. Toby Stephens was brilliant as Rochester. This is by far my favourite adaptation of the novel.
    And yes you’re right. Wide Sargasso Sea did spoil the novel for us romantics, but still not enough to convince me to abandon Jane-Rochester. 🙂

    • Mine too…for me, Darcy is always going to be Colin Firth and Rochester is Toby Stevens. I have so desperately kept Wide Sargasso Sea out of my mind…abandoning Rochester is like abandoning your teenage love.

  3. addicted25 says:

    You and I must have grown up as sisters. I loved both stories and maybe thats why im addicted to IPKKND as it is the indian version of P&P, with the usual indian twists. Sisters needing to be married off, main two Khushi aka Lizzy doted on by her father…, Payal aka Jane falling for the lead mans bf ie Aakaash/belemy. Wickam aka Shyam the man who seduced the leads sister for her money, really wants Lizzy. Lavnia the leads supposed fiance, and mammi being lady what’s her name . I cant remember watching this Jane Eyre but I remeber the actress didnt she play the same role in a film….cant remeber the lads name… yeah but he was wuite nice;) ahem..

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