Let’s talk romance….

Just  a little change from the usual updates. ‘Let’s talk romance’ can be a place were we can talk about all goes into making an interesting romance.    I invite you all to join in…with your favourite books, series, television shows and fictions.

Here are two scenes from my favourite book…turned into an equally fabulous television series. Jane Austen’s Pride  and Prejudice. and these are my favourite scenes.

Colin Firth has been a favourite ever since.

What struck me when I was watching it again a few days back was how similar   money, class, and social issues of this nearly 200 year old story were to our show. Just listen to them talking….you could almost replace them with ‘our’ couple. 🙂

and here is the meeting that follows right after the previous scene…how awkward it is…

Anyone who has not watched this one, can catch it on youtube…albeit in clipped version.  I like this version of the series the best…what about you guys?

Do write in with your favourite stories…if you want to make a longer independent post about it, let me know. I will change your settings into a contributor! But even a small comment would be great…

No longer read romance in hiding….let’s bring it out in open!!



6 thoughts on “Let’s talk romance….

  1. adhiti says:

    I loved this idea.

    Well I had watched Pride and Prejudice recently. So the scenes were fresh in mind.

    Well can film romances be included? If so then I will have a long list.

    But as you said this one is for books, my favourite is Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte, The Country of the Deceit by Shashi Despande and Jane Eyre by Bronte. 🙂

    Should the books/films be from English alone?

  2. Hi Adhiti,

    Glad you like this idea. Of course, film romances can be included. In fact. we can decide a day in a week and do a small write up here….a list of your top 5 films and a small description…then we can discuss it and add ours…Sounds awesome to me, especially since I am not majorly into films and so have missed many….it would be great. English, Hindi or any other language!

    Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights are my absolute favourites, In fact I was thinking of next post taking either one of them…. And Shashi Deshpande now tops the reading list, since you list it among these!!

    Thanks for joining in!

  3. xfan says:

    My all time favourite romance book and romance hero is Gone with the Wind and Rhett Butler. I think all Mills and Boon heros and even our Arnav’s character for that matter is inspired at some level by Rhett Butler. Regarding romance movies I can go on and on.

  4. If you’re a P&P fan, you should definitely give North and South a try. Not too many people have read the book by Elizabeth Gaskell, but the 2004 BBC series is very popular. There are a few similarities with P&P, but the social differences and class conflicts are a more major issue here. It’s available on YouTube. This is the proposal scene. 🙂

    If you like classics then Thomas Hardy is worth reading. Especially Tess of the D’urbervilles and The Return of the Native. Another great book is The English Patient by Michael Ondaatje. All of these have been filmed too. Those who like happy endings should stay away though. 🙂

    For lighter rom-com stuff, I find Anuja Chauhan great fun to read. IPK fans will definitely heart her. For Jane Austen/Regency-era fans, who appreciate convoluted plots and witty dialogues, Georgette Heyer is a must-read.

    I haven’t read Shashi Deshpande. Will definitely give her a try.

  5. @xfan: frankly, my dear….who can forget Rhett Butler!
    @stripe purple: I am on to north and south. Will watch the movie after the book! Have read Tess…but you are right. Hardy’s book are kind of sad. I really liked far from the maddening crowd though!

    And georgette heyer….my god, she was my favourite author once upon a time.
    Btw, any of you read Victoria Holt? Very period, very gothic, mystery and romance. If you haven’t give her a try. You can download most of her books. There is one called ‘pride of the peacock’ which had obsessed me once.

    Great to see your posts! Anyone willing to make small post next week…say on Wednesday….on their movie/book/series?

  6. amus5 says:

    i have watched the serial form of P&P but whatever said i done i think i wud prefer to read these classic rather than watch ……i dont seem to be able to relish it to that extent – reason words have an impact and it takes time for me to absorb them whereas they are said and done with in motion pic but one thing that cant be relished while reading is that period or scenary which it depicts …..now when we talk about arshi we are already familiar with the scenario and the characters so reading about them is made easy and also to connect when we read about them….

    coming to my favourite classics Georgette Heyer is very much there.P&P (who can forget the Bennets)is also there but that which tops my list in romance is Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte…those who have read the unabridged version of that story will agree with me wholeheartedly that such a story is hard to come by anytime …..its epic … who can forget Mr Rochester and Jane Eyre….
    there is another story which i like which is Tale of Two Cities…though a tragedy i just could not get over that story…..
    Shakespeare’s Midsummer Nights Dream and All’s Well Ends Well cannot be forgotten
    Oh there r many more …….but i think it is wise that i stop with this …..

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