Chapter 18: A Kindred Spirit

Khushi came to a standstill at the doorway as the voice assailed her ears – well known, friendly, familiar. Even before she saw the owner of the voice she knew who it was. The steps which had been sluggish till now, weighed down by the burden of the recent fight, hurried ahead once more.

‘Khushiji!’ NK could not say more. The last time he had seen her, she had been preparing to go to the kidnappers, and nothing he could say and do could stop her. He remembered the steely glint in her eyes; her single minded determination to get her husband back. During Aakash and Payal’s wedding he had been taken by surprise by the attraction simmering between this chirpy happy girl and his morose and grim cousin. But it was during Arnav’s absence that he had learnt how strong the bond between the two was….or rather how strong Khushi’s love was for his undeserving brother.

‘Khushiji, you are back!!’ NK was uncharacteristically subdued as if the miracle in front of him was too much to take in. To him, her limp and scar did not matter. When she had disappeared – without a sign, without any clue, he had felt responsible. Why had he let her go alone? Why had he not insisted on accompanying her? He had asked this question again and again over the year. Now the only thing that mattered was that she was there – his friend. Rest, though unfortunate, could be taken care of.

‘Aap theek ho?’ he stepped towards her. ‘Aakash tells me that you have forgotten us…have you? Is that true? Have you forgotten me, Khushiji?’ Despite his words, NK did not put Khushi’s memories to test. Unlike the other members of Raizada and Gupta family, even Payal, who waited for Khushi to know them, NK accepted her condition and moved ahead to introduce himself. He did not look to revive the memories of the past. He moved ahead to start again,  befriend her again.

Probably that was the way he earned his reward. Khushi’s lips curved into a knowing smile.

‘I know you.’ she whispered.

‘Sach.  Toh phir sabko batao. I knew Aakash was lying.’

Khushi looked at the smiling man standing in front of her. A single name, a word rose from the dark terrains of her mind, in recognition of a kindred spirit. Inexplicably she knew it was him.


A pin drop silence followed word.

“Kindred spirits are not so scarce as I used to think. It’s splendid to find out there are so many of them in the world.”
― L.M. MontgomeryAnne of Green Gables
I know this is a short one. But hey, something is better than nothing… even your comments saying that it  was too short. 
I just wanted to put this as a separate part. Hope you like it. a longer update should follow in a day or two. 

37 thoughts on “Chapter 18: A Kindred Spirit

  1. anamnoor says:

    Awww she remembers NK

  2. badfaith4u says:

    At least she remembered NK
    That was very mature of NK to just accept Khushi with her memory loss
    And force her to remember things

  3. anjalikharbe says:

    isnt it weird that despite forgetting the person, whom she cud sense before the accident………..whom she fell in love with, despite his hateful nature……and she remembers NK…………thats kinda strange……..

    is it just to push the story forward so that Arnav will feel more hurt and think that since she loves NK, she is better off with him rather then with Arnav…

    cause that will be hurtful………even Khushi remembering NK and not a single thing bt Arnav is gonna break his heart into a million pieces……..

    • yes. Probably because Arnav is the person she was deliberately trying to forget. memories related to him are the source of trauma. So she has pushed them away. (yet she knows him. she can still sense him, he arouses ambigious but strong response.)

      NK on the other hand is associated with laughter, friendliness, much like her old self. So she knows him instinctively. Just like her old self is a part of her new self. Also now her mind is slowly opening up, for instance her response to the room, her nightmare, she remembered Shyam, so NK is the next.

      I can’t deny that I have not thought about Arnav’s reaction to this. After all the story is about Arnav’s growth and Khushi’s self discovery. But I dont think ASR can change so much that he would think Khushi would be better off with anyone else than him.

      PS (btw this is all mumbo-jumbo to justify the story. 😀 i am no psychiatrist but I would like to think of it this way)

  4. Amri says:

    First of all, I can’t tell you how ecstatic I am about the quote. “Anne of Green Gables” is a treasured childhood favourite. I am a sucker for the entire series which so poignantly charts hers and Gilbert’s journey.

    Kindred spirits indeed, are Khushi and NK. If it were not for my womanly penchant for brooding, dark men like Arnav, I think that he would be the right person for her. But i guess i am not that naive to think that in real life I would prefer the cheerful NK to a temperamental Arnav:)

    Hoping to see what Arnav’s reaction to their camaraderie is:) It is certainly going to be…interesting 😉

  5. samarablogwp says:

    oh..that was another shocker btw!
    did not expect this, but things are not going to be easy for Arnav anymore..

  6. soppymalhotra50 says:

    Omg !…..all i can think is how devastated arnav is going to be that she remembers nk and not him!
    But im feeling like a sadistic person and am actually looking forward to that!

  7. Good to see you back. 🙂

    So much has happened in the two chapters. Arnav’s non-committal answer to Khushi’s question on why he married her- I remember even we viewers debated this for months! It’s such an important question, and the fact that today Arnav knows the answer to it but is afraid to tell her says such a lot about their relationship. It’s one of those mysterious things about ASR the man which totally got us hooked. Such an honest man, and yet so hurtful to the one he loves the most. It’s sad, really. And Khushi’s anger is so justified, it’s like she’s subconsciously making up for all those innumerable times he had flayed her with words, and walked away from her when she needed him. I was just watching the episodes when Khushi got engaged to Shyam, and Arnav’s reactions broke my heart yet again. Not just the marriage, he has so much to regret. You write his state of mind, his guilt and his pain so well, this should be a treat to read.

    Thank you for writing NK and Khushi’s interaction separately. Indeed they are ‘kindred spirits’. He is perhaps the only character on the show, apart from Lakshmi the divine goat, who never manipulated or hurt Khushi in any way. Just stood by her, and accepted her as she was. I am rather glad she remembers her friend; he deserves it completely. Arnav’s reaction to this should be interesting, to say the least. I can tell there’s lots of angst in store for us.

    Also, Anne of Green Gables is such an old favourite. Thank you for re-kindling those good memories.

  8. fiza says:

    she remeber him… ASR is another shock another heartache.. another of his doing on his face…. still i feel a tug in my heart

  9. farheen75 says:

    NK was the only one who stood by her through thick and thin, he never judged her and always respected her… He was the only person apart from Khushi’s dad who just accepted her wedding without asking any question so its not a surprise really that she remembers him, what I fear now is how aranv gonna behave? Will his insecurity push him to do something stupid which he is very capable of doing or will he ask for NK’s help to win Khushi over?

  10. loved it awesome short but to the point nk was the only one who stood by her and never mistrusted her no even once he was there when even her family gave up on her he trusted her above snake even when a big misunderstanding could have happened he trusted her loved the update brilliant

  11. romaisaaa says:

    Short but lovely update…finally nk is back…I have this feeling that nk will help arnav get her back in his life just like the serial…I can be wrong but still loved his entry….khushi immediately recognized him out of all the people…..this will definitely be a shock for arnav…looking forward to the next update….please update soon this time….cnt wait for next update….

  12. Atyay says:

    Ouch! That’s going to hurt everyone – Khushi remembering NK. Especially Arnav & Payal.

    I think, Khushi sort of remembers NK as there is NO unpleasant memory related with him; which can’t be said about others. I wonder if Arnav will doubt his willful decision to keep Khushi in dark to keep her with himself.
    Anyways, a very exciting turn in the story. Looking forward to the next update eagerly.

  13. Gia says:

    So good to have NK back. And it was even more amazing to see Kushi recognize him right away. I am longing for Arshi to get closer in this story. It is time they put the MUs behind him. IF id: FLGirl

  14. dimp72 says:

    A long update next time. Arnav tell her the truth and how you feel.. I want Arshi romance to start…. 🙂

  15. hsridhar says:

    he was always a good friend to her 🙂

  16. sfghfj says:

    Short but sweet update. khushi remembered NK. That will be shock for arnav. cant wait to read further

  17. mklam says:

    wonderful story – just saw this on IF. Will NK be the trigger for her memory to come back? waiting for your next update…

  18. dmgview says:

    of all the people she remembered NK.. that would be a slap for Arnav.. he must have felt so bad when Khushi said you are rich.. not me..

  19. lovebarun says:

    awesome dear.. so khushi remembered NK . good.. keep updating

  20. shafqee80 says:

    Beautiful beautiful update

  21. rati123 says:

    Such a beautiful story !! Thanks for the updates.

  22. rini_kat frm IF says:

    oh Khusi remembers NK……………


  23. maddy1270 says:

    I’ve always loved the NK-Khushi relationship… he was always there for her with his unstinting support and trust in her with no questions asked, something missing in Arnav’s case… so it comes as no surprise that her hurt and confused mind remembers this kindred spirit!

  24. Sangs49 says:

    Like the way Khushi’s is receptive of Arnav’s expressions. She knew he will not answer and thus annoyance. I like this Khushi who openly displs her dissatisfaction and annoyance.

    I am surprised how she can recognize NK. Did anyone told her when she was looking at the album. Or was it dil se dil ki rah and she can recognize a friend a true friend when he is there.

    I think all except NK had shown some narajgi to Khushi at some point or other. Is this the reason that she recognized him? Please clarify and write next update at an earliest

    Thanks againg for writing this beautiful story

  25. shagu123 says:

    oh she remembered him bcs he was d only one who didnt giv pain to her all others had given her pain dat her mind wanted toerase

  26. aayt says:

    I read ur ff in one go it is beautifully written
    each n every emotion described brilliantly story around amnesia plot sound itself thrilled me a lot u work on every detail quite impressing khushi is suffering but arnav’s pain mixed with guilt made it more miserable payal proved herself true t sister word but at the same time she has kind heart too possibility of forgiveness is quite positive after his heart felt confession but khushi she is yearning for his still holding beck herself her subconscious did not let her hold his claim him as her husband
    wow out of all she remember NK it was shocking for everybody n quite heartbreaking for arnav
    good job dear

  27. susant2013 says:

    Beautifully written story. I found it yesterday. U write well. Very few ff writers have this ability to get the emotions of each character right. Am glad I could find ur story. Looking fwd to the next one.

  28. arshina223 says:

    Ha ha ha! seriously i can’t stop laughing. She remembers nk! Now take that arnav!

    vannji you surely know how to make arnav suffer. Ah! it will be so interesting to see arnav’s reaction to it.

    Nk – I loved that character the most in IPK. He was mature in his own childish way. They could have shown more sides of him in the show but they didn’t.

    Hey please update long part.

  29. amus5 says:

    i enjoyed reading this update…..NK really deserves that special importance …..and very true they are kindred souls….but what will be the impact of this ray of recognition on others

    thanx for the update…..pls continue soon 🙂


  30. meenu10 says:

    aww…….in all the peoples, tht were considered close to her….she didn’t remembered anyone of them…….thn how NK…???…

  31. arunascarlet says:

    ha Khushi recognized NK, he was the only person who stood by her & understood her, and of being a short period of friendship trusted her.

  32. Omg I knew it… I knew she would recognize NK…. He was the only one who supported her and accepted her as is… Understood her… Even now…. As u said did not test her memory….lovely … But everyone else is going to be hurt… They will realize their mistakes… Gud for them

  33. mahrusweety says:

    That was awesome.
    Khushi and nanheji dosto.
    How can she forget

  34. corie2 says:

    She remembers NK because he had always been kind to her unlike the others who treated her badly sometimes. Even Payal was rude to her and blame her for spoiling her first marriage and now getting married on the same day as her without telling them.

  35. amrita2000 says:

    I’m glad she remembers NK!

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