Part 14: Being Normal


Once again the days started settling into a routine at Raizada house – a happy routine, Arnav thought as the family came together for breakfast. He smiled at the pile of jalebis at the center of the table. Khushi had finally managed to breech the boundaries of the kitchen from which Payal, Anjili and even Mamiji had kept her out.  She had been home for two days and the atmosphere of Raizada had changed diametrically.

He had been home yesterday, in case Khushi needed him. Today Arnav decided to go to work with Akash and come home early in the evening to take Khushi to the doctor. Probably they could have dinner somewhere, he thought. They had never done such normal things. How different things would have been had he not been scared of his own feelings earlier. He shook his head to shake off the melancholia.

No, he told himself, no point regretting the mistakes of the past. He remembered Khushi’s nightmare on that first night. It made him realize the uphill task he had undertaken. But he had decided.  He was going to create so many happy memories that whenever Khushi remembered the past, she would also remember the present. That was all he could do.

The bittersweet memories of that night made him restless. He looked around anxiously.

Where was she? She shouldn’t be in the kitchen for so long. Her knee must be aching. Was she okay? Payal and Anjili Di were also missing, he noticed. Mami was trying to feed little Aditi, who banged the side of her baby chair in enthusiasm, spilling the food on the table. Arnav smiled at Aditi, ruffling her hair before going to seek out Di. They must in the kitchen – with Khushi, he thought.

‘Jiji, if I stay one more day in the bed, I will really fall ill,’ Khushi hurried took out the last batch of jalebis and put them in the sugar syrup.

‘But you need to rest. And you are visiting the doctor today.  You can start working after that. ‘

‘Uff …jiji, you sound so much like Arnavji. Khushi don’t do this. Khushi you should be resting. Khushi, come to bed.’

‘So he does take care of you,’ Payal said softly almost to herself.

‘Take care… I am getting tired of being taken care of…and being put in bed by that Laad Governor all the time. If he had his way, he would never let me out of bed and we would stay in the room the whole day…I would be in bed and he would watching over me and…’

‘That’s it stop. Khushiji, Stop, stop, stop,’ Anjili’s voice interrupted her tirade. A burst of giggles followed.  Anjili and Payal stood behind her… their eyes twinkling with amusement before Anjili put on a pained face. ‘Stop Khushiji, he is my brother…and I can’t take this..’.

‘Yes, we don’t need details, Khushi’ Payal managed before falling into a fit again.

Khushi blushed crimson as the two women teased. She shook her head with an embarrassed smile as she started arranging the jalebis in plate.

‘Di,’ the man in questioned walked in. ‘I think Mami needs help feeding Aditi,’ Arnav delivered the excuse with which he had come to the kitchen. He took in the scene …the teasing merriment in Anjili and Payal’s eyes as they looked from him to Khushi, a deep crimson blushing stained Khushi’s face. A snort from Payal’s direction as the two women followed his gaze. Some women’s joke probably, Arnav shook his head.

‘Khushi, don’t exert yourself. Leave this,’ he went towards his wife, taking the ladle out of her hands and putting it on the counter. ‘Hariprakash will take care of it…come and eat and then you can go to bed and rest …’ It was definitely a snort. Arnav turned around to see Di stifling her laughter with her hand on her mouth.

Khushi was looking at him with deep mortification.  ‘Please Arnavji, go. I am finished here. I am coming.’

Payal bent on over the counter holding her stomach.


’ Khushi urged. And he left.

Behind him he heard Khushi turn on the other two. “Kya Jiji, Di, aap log bhi na…’  her words drowned in a burst of laughter. Arnav knew he was the butt of the joke. But somehow it did not matter. Laughter was back in the house. Happiness was back.

Khushi came to sit next to Arnav still writhing in embarrassment. With the relations between her and her husband still tentative and hesitant, Di’s and Jiji’s teasing had woken her up to some rather disturbing aspects of marriage.

Did he expect…? No. He did not, her mind answered immediately. He had not tried to get close to her- he had given her the space she needed.

What had been their married life like, she wondered. Khushi wanted to look at him and try to remember but with Di and Jiji’s comments still in her mind, she felt shy. She caught the sight of his hands on the table – the hands that had held  her hands often over the few days they had been together – strong hands which had given her comfort, warmth , and strength.

And then she remembered his evasion- the evasion that had annoyed her deeply two nights ago after she had the nightmare. The next day she had caught the strange look exchanged between Arnavji and Payal jiji when her husband had come into the room as she had been arguing with Payal.

‘I know Khushi, that Khushi Kumari Gupta Dabba Service is yours…but I can run it for a few more days. Just till you get better,’ Payal told her

‘Arrey Jiji, I don’t know how long will that take. I want to know about it now.’

‘You are so stubborn Khushi, what do you want to know.  I have been keeping aside your share faithfully. Trust me.’

‘No Jiji..not that I…’

Payal laughed. ‘I am teasing you, Khushi. Why do you get so worried? Your dabba service is running just fine. You were catering to two other offices apart from AR Designs. I started looking after it with Shuklaji. Some more clients approached us but we took on just one more because…well, because we would need a bigger kitchen..’

‘We need to expand…’ Khushi said excitedly.

‘Probably. And for that you need to get better first.’


‘I think , Payal is right,’ Arnav interrupted the two sisters as  they had been laying the table. ‘You need to rest and get better.’

Khushi started to retort before she stopped as she caught the look exchanged between Arnav and Payal – the frankness of her husband’s face and coolness on her sister’s.  Something was amiss. They did not seem friendly.  Payal must know something about the time of her disappearance. Khushi decided to talk to her sister.

‘Khushi, you need something,’ he shook her upper arm gently. She came back to the present. Khushi shook her head as she looked at his fingers on her upper arm. The warmth from them seeped through her skin. Was it her fancy, or did he really try to touch her every time he could?  Beautiful hands, Khushi thought as she felt an urge to run her fingers over his. She stifled the urge as she tried to concentrate on her plate, the teasing still fresh in her mind. It would not be difficult to fall in love with this man, Khushi thought as she went over the last few days. But something still held her back…she needed to talk to Jiji.

As Arnav prepared to leave for home early in the evening, he called Khushi once again. She was to be ready in time, Di would help her, he told Khushi. Not that it was needed. He had told her the same things in the morning , and then again on phone, some hours after being in the office. It was not the message, but the urge to hear her voice. Once upon a time, he would have denied that truth vehemently; now he accepted it, gave into it with pleasure.

The revelations of the night of the nightmare had made him anxious.  Even when he was away from her, he liked to know…know where she was, if she was comfortable, if something worried her. Probably he was becoming paranoid – with so much simmering in his mind, with ugly truths and facts waiting, bidding their time before they came into light to destroy everything again. He wanted to know how she was every single moment. He had cried and eased his heart in Anjili’s lap…but where did he go to ease his mind. He needed to back off a bit, he told himself. Only today in the morning, he had caught Khushi rolling her eyes in irritation when he asked her to rest.  The memory brought a smile. Though she had not remembered anything of the past, Arnav started seeing glimpses of old Khushi. Slowly the old Khushi Kumari Gupta – the stubborn , I-will-not -give-up girl was coming back to life.




She caught the maniacal gleam in the eyes of the man in the car, headlights rushed towards where she had fallen.  They weren’t going to stop. She got up, her knee buckled…she had to move away…move away fast, she dragged her injured knee and hurried away…on the pavement,…as fast as she could…lugging her broken leg…leaving behind a trail of blood.

Part 15 on Monday. Till then, just a question ….when we talk amnesia, what are the first  three stories that come your mind? Let me know – films, tvseries, books, Indian, non-Indian? Lets see if it is as cliched as it usually dismissed to be.

See you on Monday. 


37 thoughts on “Part 14: Being Normal

  1. arshina223 says:

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    i am here on the blog.

  2. fiza says:

    wonderful part… do add me to the people on blog

  3. xfan says:

    Loved the update please please add my name to the list of people having access to the blog

  4. Anamika says:


    I just finished reading all 14 parts. I must say you are an amazing writer.

    Wonderful story. Loved the way you are unfolding it. Feeling bad for Arnav & Khushi. Hopefully everything is going to be fine between them, but it seems Arnav has a long way to go to be redeemd. Please update soon.


  5. akaps123 says:

    Please retain my name when giving access.

  6. shagu123 says:

    hi i love ur story and a regular reader in if pls add me

  7. psarada says:

    Loved this update. So slowly things are falling in place for Arnav and Khushi. I just wish Khushi talks to Arnav regarding her past and not with Payal and Arnav has guts in him to tell her the partial truth at least. I just hope Khushi doesn’t draw her own conclusions after hearing to the truth from Payal. Can’t wait for the next update.

    psarada(IF name)

    • Welcome here, psarada!

      Khushi and Arnav will eventually have to thrash it out between themselves. And Arnav needs to learn that he cannot manipulate things all the time. So in way all this is about his growth.

      Next update soon. 🙂

  8. moonlightaura says:

    This is a really good for amnesia premise. I have been following your story for a while now… its too the point and the characters are true to their form. Liked the transition of Payal who is now standing strong for her sister, she has been pushed too far and has now emerged true to the form of elder sister. They are giving chance for Arnav to redeem himself but are also waiting in wings to take over if Khushi is so much as hurt by his behaviour. Thank you for sharing your work with us.

    • Thanks moonlightaura! Amnesia is slightly dramatic and I was wary when I began. But everyone has liked it…guess ipkknd and melodrama go along well together.

      thanks for your comment. Keep writing in. 🙂

  9. naushi78 says:

    sorry for being missing in action for the past couple of updates as was busy with ramadaan and now Eid. Have to catch up from chapter 9. Will do so this weekend . And now will be regular on commenting. I just got your pm on IF and saw the note about a blog so came rushing to see what had happened for you to move to a blog, am glad i checked.

    Will comment once i read from chapter 9 till 14. Please do add me to your blog list.


  10. Serendipitylove90 says:

    So Khushi is beginning to think she can fall in love with him easily….And Arnav sure is drowning her with care…Your precap sounds as though khushi is going to remember things pretty soon…I know that in your story arnav has suffered a lot…but still I hope Khushi remembers soon and when she does I hope to see a proper redemption sequence follow…
    The only amnesia story I can remember as of now is the hindi movie Ghajini…

    • For now yes, thought she still has some questions. Arnav as well have Khushi have suffered during the past 12 months but now, I feel Arnav is suffering more – guilt, uncertainity and what not – a part of his atonement but yes, lets see what happens when she remembers.

      Yes, ghajini. I could remember 21 days only!

      Thanks for being here SL. 🙂

      • Serendipitylove90 says:


        Do PM me or send me and email whenever you update 🙂 I had mailed my ID to your fictionbyvann id….

  11. equation9 says:

    okay First I will admit I have an aversion towards the blog thing. I have my reasons for that. But whatever it is I have decided to follow you at the blog, because I guess I have been reading it from the fourth chapter if I’m not wrong. And have left back a comment from the same if I could manage. No I’m not there in your buddy list but I would like to follow you in the blog. And please send me a invitation for the same.

    As for the update I’m really glad to see Khushi falling in love with Arnav all over again and I’m kind of curious about the precap. Eager to know more. Khushi is very much physically attracted to Arnav, will they make love before Khushi remembers the past. The story is moving ahead in bits and pieces.

    IF aura9

    • Hey, I am really glad that you overcame your aversion to blogs and came here. I am going to take it as a compliment. :-). Will send the invites. I am also new to this blog business. So there are going to be some hits and misses.

      Will update early next week.

      Oh, you are aura9! Welcome, welcome. 🙂

  12. Sangs49 says:

    Nice update, khushi wishing to touch Arnav is very nicely and beautifully written.also like the way the way you wrote about Payal’s satisfaction or should say relief to hear that he takes care of khushi in suttle way. Looking forward to next update.

  13. farheen75 says:

    Fab update… The happiness is returned to rm but for how long nobody knows, I feel sorry for Khushi that her troubles r not finished yet as when her memory will return the whole trauma of her past will be back and in her fragile state how she will be able to cope with it…The precap looks really interesting and I can’t wait to read the next part… Plz do add me to the blog readers list.

    Regarding your question abt amnesia stories I have read Lyraa99’s the heart remembers and Lyraa’s joint story with Harsh42, the name I can’t remember, but I love your story and the way u r writing it.

    Farheen75( IF id )

    • Thanks Farah for combing here. Yes, happiness is still fragile at RM. I think everyone would have been waiting for the return of Khushi’s memories and dreading it at the same time.

      I also read Lyra99’s stories…the most recent amnesia stories I’ve read…it doesn’t seem to be as cliched as it is believed to be, is it?

      • arshina223 says:

        The hearts remembers, ah! what a story it is. Its last part had been updated sometime back.

        My cried for arnav in that. How he still believed that she alive, she didn’t leave him and how they met!! I absolutely love that scene. It was a short story but a very good one!

        I love lyraa99’s stories. The most painful one is “The Reason I Breath.” I read it just once and as much i loved it ,i don’t strength in me to read it again and feel the pain again.

  14. mani boyina says:

    Oh god I m glad that the blog was open when I checked it….
    Omg the precap……..khushi is remembering glimpses of her past…

    • Welcome to the blog, Manisha. Some nightmares start resurfacing probably because too many things are happening too fast…especially after 1 year of nothingness in Lucknow….lets see where it leaves the two of them. 🙂

      Thanks for being here.

  15. michealle says:

    Awesome of writing is sooo good!

  16. amri174 says:

    First of all, thanks for the blog link.Big smile I really appreciate it.

    Now to business.

    Wow. What an update.

    Your story has me so addicted that I just couldn’t resist reading the new chapter at least 3 times consecutively.

    So Arnav and Khushi are trying to make some progress with each other, which is being hindered by their trust issues. I’m glad you highlighted that, because I think it was at the core of their relationship in the show as well. How it was resolved, personally I didn’t like what the writers came up with- that Khushi was so innocent and naive that she forgot everything one day and accepted Arnav.

    So for me, your pace is just right.Smile The gradual exploration of their feelings will make some brilliant reading! I am already anticipating a lot from your build-up.

    The memories of Khushi’s accident as revealed in her nightmare were so heart-wrenching. In part, Arnav is responsible for it, and I’m glad that he got an inkling of that. He did reach out, but the gap between them is so big that he can’t console/pacify her. And Khushi is rightly intrigued by her husband’s silence.

    So NK will be back soon!!! YAYYY!

    Of all the male cousins in the family, I always liked him best. Of course Arnie is the protagonist, but he is a fictional character. In my personal life I’d like someone like NK. Cheerful, understanding, good-humored. And am I foreseeing some dhamaka with Arnav again jealous of NK? Now that Khushi doesn’t have any memories of the past, I’m eager to see whom she will choose this time. Even though she knows she has a husband, I think that she is also aware of the gulf between them. So, very very curious.

    And Khushi was at last able to place a face to the devil. Will this trigger her memories?

    MIND BLOWING update. Waiting for Ch 16Thumbs Up

  17. loved the update loved how the ladies were teasing her so cute and arnav knew he was the but of the joke but he was glad because finally happiness was back in the house awesome update

  18. nikki21 says:

    hii… i know its a late reply and but i just started reading arshi fanfics a few months ago…i’ve completely read ICHTW and loved it and really like unforgettable so far…and amnesia reminds me of Fifty First Dates

  19. addicted25 says:

    Yes the happiness has returned, Di and Payal laughing with her ( -I hope), poor girl. He has hope his girl is returning, slowly for now.

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