1857 Dust of Ages

Release date: Dec 7, 2016



OS: A Long Road Back


“I feel my heart ache, but I’ve forgotten what that feeling means.” ― Chuck Palahniuk



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16 thoughts on “Index

  1. rati123 says:

    Just read the latest update of Unforgettable !!! Amazing update. I could actually feel Khushi’s pain and anger. I could see her face when she comes to fight with ASR and resign after the guesthouse episode. The same anger and loathing on her face.

    Also you were very true to ASRs nature. He tries to grab hold of Khushi and submit her into listening to him. This is like second nature to him. Only he does not understand that such force will have opposite effect on Khushi now.

    But with ASR’s subbornness of never leaving her, hopefully he will be able to communicate with her. But he deserves to be punished by her for all that he has done to her { with a happy ending eventually ;-)) }

  2. Avi says:

    Excellent works!

  3. rati123 says:

    Read your latest update on unforgettable. It was very touching as usual. I am glad Arnav had the good sense to give her some space. After reading Payal’s description of him to Khushi I really felt bad for him. Though I have always thought that Khushi should not forgive him so easily,now I am really feeling bad for him. NK , as usual , is a sweetheart !

    Thanks a lot for the update.

  4. rati123 says:

    Beautiful update . Both Arnav and Khushi are frustrating each other !! And a jealous Arnav !! Superb !

  5. rati123 says:

    I love your idea that Khushi will write to him. In their circumstances this is the best. So he will be able to answer without emotions overpowering him and she will be able to read , re-read and understand what he means to say. I loved this update. It was a natural progression towards reconciliation. And NK as usual is a darling !

  6. shaz says:

    This is a very emotional story and honestly there are only a few stories that have been written so beautifully and although it’s way too emotional but the way things unfold it’s just gripping.

  7. Michealle Niaz says:

    Beautiful update.
    hope the next part comes soon
    congrats on publishing ur book

  8. mlasater523 says:

    Hello, I am interested in possibly using some of your images. Please contact me so we can discuss copyright and payment.

  9. Hina69 says:

    Any chances of getting an update of ICHTW??? 😦

  10. arjuhisis says:

    I just finished unforgettable – it was a superb roller coaster ride
    I want to read all ur completed works first and then will go for the ongoing ones – need to see which ones r completed. Will check soon

  11. exoticaf1zz says:

    Thanks for granting me access to this blog. Off to read the chapters now! 🙂

  12. arnavkhushilove says:

    Thanks vandana 🙂

    Hina here, i had to make an account here to read ur works hehe and i am happy i could 😛

  13. sushmitapanigrahi says:

    Awesome story
    It’s really a piece of writing which will remain with me for a long time. Truly “UNFORGETTABLE “.
    Loved it.
    Could imagine a mature Khushi. And an adorable , kiddie arnav.

  14. Megha Gupta says:

    it was worth visiting your blog dear, it is definitely different from something that I write about but i love reading different blogs. Keep writing

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